Why Feel Guilty Laonie Newton

Why feel guilty?

Why why why do trainers on social media insist you should feel guilty! This is my current bug bear, you see it all over social media, especially at this time of year, you even hear it in classes! Trainers suggesting you work off the indulgence of christmas now so you don’t feel guilty on the day!! WHAT! what exactly are you supposed to feel guilty for? enjoying your christmas, eating good food, spending time with loved ones instead of going to the gym! Plus working your butt off 2 weeks before christmas is only going to burn calories you’ve already consumed, they’re isn’t a fitness time machine where you can put the work in and tell your body to burn those calories on a specific date!

No one should be made to feel guilty for there own choices, we are all individuals and its your personal preference on how you spend your time, now obviously as a personal trainer I will encourage everybody to lead a healthy active life, but if you are going to do that you need to enjoy what you do, or you’ll never keep it up for life, exercise because you enjoy it, its not easy but you have to enjoy doing it and the benefits it brings, if you are training out of guilt, whether thats imposed on you or you’ve taken those views on board and feel you have to, you’ll never make a life long change!

This also goes hand in hand with being told foods are GOOD or BAD!! There are no good or bad foods, some media sources can give out misinformation or don’t show the bigger picture causing you to see foods as good or bad, leading you to cut out whole food groups in an attempt to be healthy, when in fact you end up lacking in vital nutrients your body needs!

All foods are different, but the difference isn’t good or bad, its just nutritionally different, to much of any food can be ‘bad’! If you lived on just a diet of say Spinach, a food thats labeled as good, would that be good for you? No! The best thing you can do is eat a balanced and varied diet, if you want to have something you used to label as bad, have it, own it! if your eating a balanced diet why not have something you enjoy! if you cut it out and label it as bad what do you do? well for me its over indulge on that food, chocolate for instance, label it bad, avoid it, your going to give in, your then going to buy the biggest bar you can find, your then going to be secretive about it! and lying to yourself is the worst thing you can do! so remind yourself when your automatically calling something bad, that its not bad, just another food with its own nutritional value, then if you decide to eat it enjoy it, thats why your eating it after all, enjoy it and your more likely to buy the regular size bar, yes we have to be concious of what we are consuming, but all in moderation and relevent to the amount of activity you do and your goals.

Next time you see someone suggesting you should feel guilty for what your eating or skipping class ask them why? see if they have an answer! No one person should have the power over another to make them feel guilty for there choices.

So go ahead and enjoy the holidays, spend time with your loved ones, and make some amazing memories.

Merry Christmas everyone.


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