What Do I DO Laonie Newton

What do I DO?

I’m a personal trainer, Kettlebells queen and class instructor, but one evening I asked myself what is it I do, what am I about? Here’s my explanation, this is why I created Fluff to Buff Fitness.

I help people to help themselves, to become more comfortable and confident in there body.
I help them to become friend’s with their own body, to find exercise fun, to see how they can fit it in to their lifestyle, to see how they can push themselves, to their reach goals and create new ones.
I do this through personal training and fitness classes specialising in Kettlebells.
Kettlebell’s seem scary and heavy but with my coaching they become an extension of you, a tool to build strength in body and mind. I take individuals from not knowing if they can handle a small weight to using the larger weights effectively with ease. Through this they realise what they are capable of, to feel their muscles working and get to know them.
I help you get to know your core, called the core because its your body’s centre, used in everything you do, with each movement of your limbs. By connecting effectively with your core you’ll become stronger, move more effectively and with more ease.
Cardio – Running, cycling, Hiit classes, walking, anything that gets your heart rate up and you off of that sofa and away from the computer or tv! I love getting out running, or going and getting sweaty in a class, losing myself in it, my mind switches off and i can think more effectively and clearly after, or sometimes we just need to get rid of anger and frustration! whatever you enjoy doing, that increases your heart rate is worth doing and makes you feel so much better by releasing feel good endorphins!Through Personal training I will help you find which way suits you and encourage you to add that to your regime, theres something for everyone!
Through stretching and relaxing you can become more balanced in both body and mind, focusing on you and your body to calm your mind, feel your muscles and listen to what they are telling you, are they tight, are they alerting you to any issues, are they stretching further each time, is your flexibility increasing. Our bodies speak to us all the time, but do we listen? through stretch and relaxation we can learn to listen by noting what feels different, what feels tight, by being in tune with our bodies we can avoid injury and be more aware of any ailments.
Fitness and wellbeing need one more thing to become truly balanced. Thats good nutrition, fresh food and good hydration. Not processed products full of chemicals. We are what we eat, fill up on fresh foods and feel your energy levels rise, moods become stable and concentration levels increase, helping you feel more motivated and excited by life.
I call this the body balance triangle – Fitness, Wellbeing and nutrition = body balance.
A few photos of my running passion, me and my running hero Nell McAndrew, the post race photo from the Pembroke Half Marathon on the hottest day of the year! And finally a nice muddy run.

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