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Strong healthy body and mind

Unfortunately I’ve not always had a strong healthy body and mind, but I have achieved it. I’ve suffered from Bulimia since 2001, a fight every day, every day looking in the mirror and pinching what to me was fat on my tummy, I did this before anything, then I’d get on the scales and the daily cycle would begin, the frantic exercising, eating very little all day and binging and purging at night, some days would be good, some days I’d succumb to it and beat myself up for days after! After several treatments and slowly listening less and less to the illness, and the love of the people closest to me, I finally decided to ditch the scales! Threw them in the bin, best thing I ever did, by this point I was measuring myself, happy there was no change but the scales told a different story and fuelled the bulimia! So away with scales, that was nearly 3 years ago and I have no idea what my weight is, I’m happy with what I see in the mirror now, by body is beautiful and strong and fulfils all the challenges I put to it. Exercise was once linked to my bulimia – but eventually played a part in my recovery. The challenges I’ve set my body has required I learn how to fuel it and make it strong.

I began training ten years ago. I’m interested in all aspects of fitness – and pushing myself towards my goals. I get great satisfaction from inspiring others to be fitter and healthier. I achieve this through running, spinning and teaching Kettlercise, a class that uses kettlebells, I love seeing how my clients attitude changes from the first class they attend when they look like they are wondering what they have let themselves in for to a few weeks later and they show pure determination on their faces, that makes me very happy and the more fun I can make my classes the better because to me you have to enjoy it, it should never be a chore.

I believe fitness, nutrition and wellbeing go hand in hand. Good nutrition; clean food to fuel, recover and nourish your body and mind – keeping you balanced, focused and positive – helping you train to fulfil your goals, resulting in a happy fulfilled you = total wellbeing

I’ve come along way, and now have my own business as a fitness instructor. I’m doing this to encourage others working through similar challenges to turn their lives around; recovery is real and worth all the hard work.

Laonie x

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