Running through lockdown

Running during lockdown! How has that changed things for you?
For me I noticed a few changes.
I’ve been running for years, for a challenge, to destress, for new distances, PBs, and race training. Most of the time I enjoy it, others times every step is painful! But as a runner you’ll understand that thing in your head that makes you do it! But I had got lazy, relying on the treadmill for interval speed work, mainly because I hate wind and rain, love running in the sun and heat, even sun and frost, ice or snow! But not wind and rain, so I’d got reliant on the treadmill for those training sessions. So like a lot of you, here I was training for this years races…….
Then lockdown hit!! Not a problem as a runner, we were still allowed out for exercise once a day, and as a mobile personal trainer I had a van full of kit! Sorted…… oh shit no treadmill, and no room to have my own, or the funds! A decent one that I’d need was out of my price range!
Pull yourself together Laonie, get outside, so thats what I did, the weather was on my side. Happy days.
I don’t know about you but being at home all the time, the lack of movement, lack of little errands popping to the shops etc really effected my legs. Tired heavy legs when I ran, my coach started calling my runs in early lockdown just mental health runs, I’m glad she did because I didn’t feel I could reach any speed goals! I then injured my Achilles and had to rest then rehab! Not a problem, as races were cancelled. When I returned to running the weather was good so embarked my interval speed work, without the treadmill! And do you know what, its tough but I’m glad I’ve been forced into it, its not natural to run on a completely flat surface, so training outside, battling against the weather, changing surface underfoot and ever changing gradient is only making me stronger, and hopefully improving my performance for 2021 races, first of which I’m about to enter!
Another change throughout lockdown is that I’m thinking and planning more longterm, in life and training, and thats a good thing, a bit like when your running up hill, everything hurts, you just want to get to the top but feel like your hardly moving! Now I’m at the top of hill, looking down at my path, seeing it go off in front of me, I can’t see the destination yet, that would be boring! But I can see the winding path, through forests, and meadows, over rivers and I’m sure through a few dark tunnels! But I can finally see where I’m going.

Take care
Enjoy the journey
Wherever it takes you.

Laonie x

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