The Holistic body coach

Using traditional training methods and my intuition to tap into what you and your body needs.
To help you regain your inner confidence and strength.
Empowering you to reconnect with your own body, both physically and emotionally.
Creating a healthy mindset to last you the rest of your life, not just your next holiday or event.

I offer 121’s in person or on Zoom (location not an issue) or an online package, the basic package below plus any add ons you may require.
121 packages you pay by the hour, online packages are more life changing as you are more accountable and we cover all the lifestyle factors that are impacting you now, we will also work on making you self sufficient, leaving you ready to make changes for life.
Check out the different packages on offer to see which would fit your lifestyle or contact me directly so we can build the perfect package for you.  

Personal Training Pay as you go


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Bespoke package Most Popular!

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  • 6 per month – £264
  • 8 per month – £352
  • 12 per month – £528
  • All come with a meal plan and recipe book
  • Facebook group for support and occaisional group sessions
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