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We provide fitness classes, personal training, pre and post natal classes, online at home workout subscriptions and small group fitness in the West Oxfordshire area. We also provide online training personal training and classes so you can train with us where ever you are in the world.

Here at Fluff to Buff I believe physical strength leads to or increases our inner strength and confidence. So prepare to start your journey, to see that inner strength I know you have shine through, to walk down the street with a confident glow.

Whether you choose classes, personal training or small group sessions, you’ll leave each session feeling positive, confident and look forward to the next session.

Whether you train regularly, your returning to fitness or you’ve never worked out before, we have something for everyone, male or female & young or not so young


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“A Winner is someone that Works to become a Champion all the time,
Even when no one is Watching.”Joe Wicks, The Body Coach

What People Say About Us!

  • I would thoroughly recommend Laonie’s Kettlercise classes to everyone. I started attending 2 years ago and became addicted very quickly. 2 sessions a week and the difference is almost immediate in physical wellbeing and energy levels.
    Laonie is a great teacher, the classes are fun and the hour flies by!:))
    – Doina Butson
  • I love Laonie’s post natal class. It’s fun, relaxed and eases you back into exercise. She’ll push you but in a fun way. Plus it’s great to meet up with other mums and earn those treats we’ll stay for after.
    – Fiona Rodden
  • In March I decided to sign up to the Bride to Be Package at Fluff to Buff and I’m so glad I did. 4 months later and the wedding dress that was slightly tight when I tried it on is now needing to be taken in by 3 inches! Laonie has not only made exercise fun but has helped me change my shape, increase my strength and made me a buff bride. I couldn’t be happier!
    – Natalie Monger
  • “Laonies half n half is working really well for me. My body was wrecked from some old dance injuries, 2 children and some other health bits, yet she has worked tirelessly to personalise everything to my needs. Add everything else into the mix and I know the changes will continue to make an impact long after we finish working together. For me and my lifestyle, it’s huge value for money”.
    – Tina
  • I wanted to say how much I love your classes and how I can see the changes in my shape since I’ve started! I’m not sure if it’s Hiitblast or Kettlercise but I used to dislike my shoulders and would never wear a halter necked top but this summer I have and I just bought 3 more on holiday!
    So pleased you’re still doing the Friday morning class at Bodyfit from September. Great bunch of people go and I really enjoy it.
    Lots of love and looking forward to new classes in the future!
    – Heather
  • If you’re looking for amazing work outs 💪 during lock down try Fluff to Buff Laonie Newton workouts. Classes are super easy to follow online and you will feel amazing afterwards. Thank god for Laonie and technology!
    – Natalie Alcraft 10/4/2020
  • Thank you so much for putting on AbCore last night. It was a perfect class to do at home as it only needed a small space and one weight. There was a huge range of exercises that I had not tried before and I discovered some muscles that I clearly had not used for a while! I felt really fab after the class and swear I was walking more upright! Keep them coming Laonie…..we need you!
    – Debbi Rogers 25/3/2020

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