I’ve been a bit quiet on the blog recently! but lockdown is giving me a little more time!
Thats one thing I’ll take from this experience, amongst other things, but how effectively I use my time has been an eye opener! basically how much time I waste, and how much time can be saved working online! I’m also learning to love my house, before i’d come home and crash, and rush off again! but now I’m using it, I’m apprieciating it and making better use of the space I have! which isn’t much but i’ve had the time to make the most of it, just tiny changes that make a huge difference!
Normally i’d waste so much time in front of the TV trying relax while obviously scrolling through social media etc! doing a million unimportant things at once, lying to myself that its relaxing!! its not! now all my work is via the screen, i still watch TV but i take the time out away from my devices to watch a program or movie, I actually take it in because i’m fed up of devices! or I’ll read or study with the TV off! before I would have had everything on at the same time!
This has been a great reflection on how my life had gotten, and what I don’t need to keep doing, what I can let go off with only positive effects!
I hope to take this forward into the new world after lockdown, I want certain things to be different!
What will you take forward and leave behind?

Laonie x

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  1. Hi Laonie

    my social media viewing has gone up soooo much so i have taken made myself some rules about accessing my phone. i dont take it anywhere near my bedroom before bed, it has to stay downstairs so i dont get tempting. i am then picking up a book and reading so i can wind down properly from the day.

    1. Post

      That is so great you acknowledged that and have done something about it, I sleep so much better after reading than when I look at my phone in bed. Well done, I might try and do the same, i’m down to one charger so maybe the universe is pushing me to do something similar.

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