Buggie Buff

A low impact fitness class for all ages and all abilities. Parents, non parents, grandparents!
Children welcome.
Low impact full body 40 minute workout, we will be using body weight exercises, kettlebells, cardio moves and will include a core conditioning section.
Burn calories and tone your body while showing your child the importance of exercise.
Instructor is fully Pre & Postnatal trained.
Class is 40 minutes as I find any longer than this babies and children get really restless!

Mothers must have consent of a GP or midwife to return to exercise.

Please note this class is now at Ceewood Hall.

Class returns February 2020

Testimonial! - - Fiona Rodden

 Friday 11.15am
40 min class

Return date TBC

Price - £8 
Classes designed and created by Laonie.