Fluff to Buff on demand

Are you ready to take charge and increase your fitness, strength and confidence?
Do you struggle to make classes because of family or work commitments?
Do you miss your Fluff to buff classes or maybe you live to far away?
Do you wish you could do a class at a time that suited you?

The choice to mix n match class styles depending on how you feel?
Do you work away alot?
Would you like the choice to workout wherever you are in the world?
Would you like to join LIVE classes remotely?
Would like access to classes you’d missed online?
If you answered yes to any of the above then Fluff to Buff on demand could be for you?

WIth Fluff to buff on demand you could have access to numourous workouts to do when you have time! not to someone else’s schedule. Take back control of your life.

So Fluff to buff on demand! What is it?

Fluff to buff on demand
Your online class service
48 Prerecorded half hour videos to mix and match.
Fluff to buff online LIVE class catch up (3 months worth)
Pre recorded classes –
Instructional video for beginners and those wanting to check technique
Fluff to buff LIVE online catch up
Hiit Lite
All full length sessions.
New LIVE content added at the start of each month.

You will have access to a dedicated membership area, and everything will be in one place, no clicking links that take you to other websites!
Fluff to buff on demand is £15.99 per month.

Fluff to buff on demand unlimited

Your online class service plus unlimited online LIVE class streaming.
This package is the same as Fluff to buff on Demand but you’ll get access to unlimited Online LIVE classes, rather than waiting until the content is refreshed at the start of the following month.

Unlimited extras –
Class access, these will be booked via PTminder timetable.
Giving you the chance to do the classes before they are uploaded to the on demand membership page at the start of the following month.
£48.99 per month

I’m so excited to launch this new system and I look forward to seeing you on screen or at the studio soon.
Pay as you go classes online and studio will still be available if you’d like to add on to the Basic package and do a live class. (£7 per pay as you go class)

Click Here for the timetable

Go to the classes page for booking

Fluff to buff on demand
Classes designed and created by Laonie.