Fluff to Buff at home

Are you ready to take charge and increase your fitness, strength and confidence?
Do you struggle to make classes because of family or work commitments?
Do you miss your Fluff to buff classes or maybe you live to far away?
Do you wish you could do a class at a time that suited you?
A workout that didn’t take to long?
The choice to mix n match class styles depending on how you feel?
Do you work away alot?
Would you like the choice to workout wherever you are in the world?
If you answered yes to any of the above then Fluff to Buff at home could be for you?

WIth Fluff to buff at home you could have access to numourous workouts to do when you have time! not to someone else’s schedule. Take back control of your routine.
All workouts are 30 minutes or less. Choice of strength training using kettlebells, cardiovascular workouts using Hiit style training, AbCore to strengthen your core, stretch, mobility and relaxation, a lovely chilled session to unwind a tired body and mind. Fusion, my signiture class, a mix of kettlebell flows and hiit, for the ultimate calorie burn.
Workouts can be done alone or mix n matched creating your own workouts, and with 48 workouts available at your finger tips you’ll never get bored.
You also get access to Fluff to buff Foodies, my recipe books.

Fluff to buff at home LIVE
Live classes streamed online
Book your space
Follow the zoom link
From my home to yours…..
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Fluff to buff at home course
Classes designed and created by Laonie.

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