Fluff to Buff at home

Do you struggle to make classes because of family or work commitments?
Do you miss your Fluff to buff classes or maybe you live to far away?
Do you wish you could do a class at a time that suited you?
A workout that didn’t take to long?
The choice to mix n match class styles depending on how you feel?
Do you work away alot?
Would you like the choice to workout wherever you are in the world?
If you answered yes to any of the above then Fluff to Buff at home could be for you?

Fluff to buff at home is a monthly subscription to our online classes, for you to view online through the PTminder website or app to do at home or away traveling.
You will recieve 4 workouts a month, and build up your library of classes each month.
The workouts last 15 – 30 minutes
The workouts you’ll get are –
These can be done as a stand alone workout or mixed and matched!
If you wanted a tough workout you might do kettlebells and hiit, a lighter workout might be Abcore and stretch! its completely up to you.
You can get all of this for just £18.99 a month (minimum sign up 3 months)
Thats just £4.75 a week!

Are you ready to take charge and increase your fitness, strength and confidence?

Fluff to Buff at home was launched on 1st July 2019 and has been going from strength to strength.

If you’d like to sign up for your FREE 7 day trial please use the form below or its available buy online.

You’ll find it under the membership section of our booking site once you’ve signed up and completed a health screen questionnaire, once you’ve brought the package please allow 48hrs for our to team to check your health questionnaire, contact you if we have any concerns, if all satisfactory we’ll assign your first workouts, and then your fitness journey begins with Fluff to buff.


Classes designed and created by Laonie.

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