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The Broken (legged) Personal trainer. Day 2 & 3

So off to the hospital to see the trauma doc and a good telling off!! He was very stern, apparently I’ve pushed my body so much that it had enough, when I didn’t listen my bone gave way! I now have a boot but I need to ‘Rest’! which as a PT its not something we’re good at, well good at telling out clients to while we rush off the the next client or class! Repeat repeat repeat! If I don’t rest he’ll put me in cast and I’ll effect my recovery! the nurse with me was also in a boot, when he left she said don’t worry I think some of that was aimed at me to!

Getting used to crutches! very slowly, but they seem more of a hinderance! every time I think i’m getting used to them it all goes a bit wrong, can’t carry anything and trying to get through doors! Its naughty but its easier hopping short distances!

So after being told to rest I went straight to work! then taught a class! I know not my best idea! but my clients have been amazing, from taking me and my kettle bells to class, setting up for me and taking in turns to demonstrate some of the moves while I stood at the front shouting at them! plus I think they enjoyed being able to show off there skills. So as an experiment for the coming weeks it went well.

For the next few days though I need to do that thing called rest! following a phone call from my boss and friend, he talked some sense into me, so I bite the bullet, cancelled classes and work and made a date with the sofa, taking it easy! This is a massive learning curve for me, and I hope this helps anyone else that is pushing themselves to hard! Listen to your body, I didn’t and now i’m paying the price, but if this hadn’t happened now i would still be doing it until it did, so here I am reassessing my work life balance, how much i can do, how I need to put body first before my clients, not the other way round! I’m 40 next month and both my jobs are physically demanding, I need to be fit to carry on as long as possible, I need to address my nutrition, take time to eat properly and on the run, and make sure I get recovery time.

So time to take my own advice, treat myself as a client! firstly body balance, I thought I’d be able to manage squats but I can’t, I’m not level through the hips because of the boot, I’ll end up over using my other leg, imbalanced through the pelvis and causing myself other problems, so no standing leg work! but there are things i can do, core work and upper body is fine, and stretching through the hips and legs as my left side hamstrings are already tight from having to do all the work!

Another lesson i’m learning is accepting help! everyone offering to take me places, get me stuff is lovely but its pretty alien for me to say yes please! I’m making myself, as without them I’d be stranded, and i’d do exactly the same for them, but deep down I’ve always felt alone, that I’m fighting the world alone! but now I know I’m not, and I love them dearly for that, and thats not just friends and family, its my clients, I always wanted to create a Fluff to Buff community, and I have, they are putting themselves out to help me, and joining forces with other members to do that!

I’m amazed by all the generosity shown towards me, even if I don’t yet know how to handle that! I’m learning.

Laonie x

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