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The broken (legged) Personal trainer. Day 1

Well this is a new experience, a few nights ago I was asked if it felt like a broken bone? I looked at the nurse like she was stupid and replied “I wouldn’t know, I’ve never broken a bone!” Fast forward 2 days……oh yes I have!

For those that don’t already know me let me introduce myself, I’m Laonie and I’m a personal trainer and class instructor, self employed, I run busy classes in my local area, I got my PT qualification last year, went part self employed around the same time, January is our busiest time and I was looking forward to the busy season. Then I’d like to say I had this really spectacular accident, but the truth is I don’t recall anything specific that caused the bottom and top of my fibula to have such an argument! I’m hoping they are now in mediation, working through there differences, and repairing the relationship!

Let’s rewind 5 days, towards the end of my first week back teaching after the Christmas break, I started to feel a tightness around my right ankle, a bit tender but nothing that caused me to worry, just thought I’d take it a bit easier! next day I continued to teach , felt ok! Next day I went for a run with a client! That was the killer. I was then limping and the pain increased! The next day the swelling began and I went to minor injuries, where I was asked the above question, I was told it wasn’t bone as I hadn’t had any trauma! By this time I was suspecting a stress fracture, but I was told it definitely wasn’t because they’d never seen one on the ankle! Oh right it definitely can’t be then if you’ve never seen it!

I was sent away with biro drawn around the red bit and advised to take anti inflammatorys! Knowing I needed an X-ray I went to see my doctor, who sent me away with more anti inflammatory and he reluctantly booked me in for an X-ray after I reminded him I’m also an on call firefighter and needed to know one way or the other! So I finally got my X-ray, expecting at the worst a stress fracture! Radiologist looked at, said I need someone else to check this…..I can still hear the alarm bells sounding! Then I get sent back to the waiting room for 2 hours! Thankfully my friend turned up with coffee before I went in, then I was told the news! Her words, when we saw you the other day you said you hadn’t had any trauma to you ankle, correct? Yes why? You’ve managed to break your leg!! I was in shock for a good few hours!

So what now? It’s amazing how something like this affects your every day life, my first thoughts were for my business, classes, can I still teach? How will I teach? Then the news I currently can’t drive! How do I get to my clients, to classes? Who do I rely on! Then every day stuff, my independence has gone! Or so it feels! How do I get groceries, how do I get anywhere! I’m on my last toilet roll! Haha!

I believe everything happens for a reason, I hope this experience benefits me and makes a better trainer, and this what I hope this blog series will reflect, my journey from broken PT to better PT and everything I learn along the way, plus all the bad bits that will make me stronger!

Laonie x

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