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A few moments of your time

A very good friend of mine contacted me yesterday stating that she needed my classes, she was officially fat!! As we chatted about it and I made suggestions about how I could help the age old excuse came out about not having enough time! This has been playing on my mind a lot in the last 24 hours. How can I help you around this age old belief! I say belief because it’s been instilled in all of us that you need to spend hours every day working out in an air conditioned gyms in the right outfit to achieve the ‘body beautiful’ What is that? Those pictures of body’s you look at thinking if only my body looked like that! That’s someone else’s body for a start, someone else’s family’s genes, let’s start as we mean to go on, if that picture in the magazine is what you want, you’re not going to achieve it! What can you achieve? The best your body can be! And you can achieve it, if you truly want to make the most of your own body and put the work in, make a few changes, you will achieve it and love your body inside and out!

I can hear you shouting but I don’t have the time to put the work in around my busy work life / kids / caring for a relative, whatever your life involves a few small changes and change in your mind set can make a massive difference.

I asked my friend how much time she did have, 10 minutes is all, but we can definitely work with that, you can do so much in that time, an abs, legs or upper body session! Work on one area day! There are loads of short work outs you can do with no equipment online, on YouTube or Pinterest for example and something I’m going to start doing to help all of you that have a spare 10 or 20 minutes, so watch this space for that!

Even if you don’t have spare time think about what else you can do to fit in some exercise to your day? Here are a few examples I’ve come up with –

While you wait for the kettle to boil see how many squats you can do in that time or get down and hold a plank position while it boils.

You can apply this to anything, waiting for your toast in the morning, being put on hold, waiting for the bath to run, and so many exercises you could be doing, planks, lunges, squats (a girl’s best friend!), sit ups, press ups, burpees, running on the spot this list goes on, pick a body part and work it!

Other things you can do, choose the stairs not the lift or escalator, get out in your lunch hour, and if you’re walking anywhere make sure you’re getting your heart rate up!

If you have children don’t wait till they are tucked up in bed, let them see you exercising, this instils in them from a young age that exercise is something to be proud of not something to be embarrassed about, they will then carry that with them into their own life and their children’s lives, the ripple effect. Involve them by getting them to count how many reps you do, they could even do some to, even use them as a weight when you squat, maybe not when they’re 18! You could even have press ups as a forfeit if you swear in front of them instead of a swear box! Mum said the F word! Give me 10 press ups!

These are all just my thoughts and suggestions, if you take one thing from it and I manage to help one of you that reads this then I’ve achieved something worthwhile.

Be happy and healthy

Laonie x

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